Challenge: Most sports apps are geared towards creating competition rather than collaboration. How could we develop a tool focused on group achievement and collective feel-good.

Solution: Pulling data from Strava, this app displays the distance, time and members of each challenge.

Responsibilities: Working with the Technical Director, Lead developer and New Business Director, together we established the challenge and market. I worked as the sole designer to do desk research, build wireframes, create visual concepts, final designs and animations.

Built at Sennep



 The key goals were to set a goal then display the distance, time and involved members of each challenge.


To start the project I created wireframes and worked out the flow for the user. A core part of the app was connecting it to Strava – it was important that this was an easy journey.


Even though the design was done in two weeks, we still put time aside at the beginning for exploration. We went with the first route as it fit the target audience the best.


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